Shawn Beckwith is an editor and filmmaker based out of Nova Scotia, Canada. A graduate of the Canadian Film Editors lab, Shawn enjoys spending his days working with fun creative people and brewing craft beer. In recent years, he has filled up his glass with as many varieties and styles of films as he can, such as Kevin Fraser’s “Twenty Eight Feet: Life on a little wooden boat”, Angus Swantee’s “Torturous” and Andrew Bush’s “Everyone’s Famous”. These projects have found success screening at many festivals around the world. Shawn looks forward to growing as an editor and filmmaker for many years to come.



2010Editors LabCanadian Film CentreTorontoCFC Film Program
2003Film5 – ProducerAtlantic filmmakers CO-OPHalifaxFilm5 Program
1999 – 2001Screen ArtsNSCCHalifaxScreen Arts Program