Lord of Chaos



JOHN : Pasha Ebrahimi
TRACI : Riley Raymer
ALLIE : Danielle Moore
LORD OF CHAOS : Glenn Lefchak


Director: Luke Freeman
Written by: Patrick King and Luke Freeman

Producer: Melani Wood ( melaniwood.ca )
Producer: Darcy Lindzon
Cinematographer & Exec Producer: Kelsey Smith (eastcoastcine.com )
Key Prosthetics: Marc Devault ( devofx.com )
Editor: Shawn Beckwith ( postbeckwith.com )



LORD OF CHAOS tells the story of John and the inner turmoil that he suppresses from his experience in the service. John fears that the turmoil and the monster created inside of him might bubble up and impact his civilian life.

Lord of Chaos is inspired by the experiences of Marc Deveault, a Canadian veteran turned Special Effects Make- Up Artist. Marc Deveault joined the Military in 1990, right after high school. He has 10 years as a Field Gunner and 10 years as a Medic. Marc went to Bosnia (95), Haiti (96-97) and Afghanistan (05). He was posted to Valcartier Quebec, Edmonton Alberta, Shilo Manitoba, Washington DC and Borden Ontario. Marc retired as a Sergeant Medic after many physical and mental injuries that pushed him to the conclusion that he needed to move on to better things. Marc acquires that sense of calm and achievement by being in his effects shop creating monsters, prosthetics and props.