Noon Gun

Director/Writer – Caley MacLennan
Producer – Caley MacLennan & Jessica Brown
Director of Photography – Scott Thorne
Editor – Shawn Beckwith



On one day in particular, the Noon Gun blast ties different North End residents into a sequence of events. As these events unfold, each group’s perspective grows, obscuring reality and ultimately effecting each other’s lives.

Noon Gun tackles one of the most important issues facing North America today – the biased treatment of Black men by police.

Exploring time and perspective, filmmaker Caley MacLennan tells a non-linear story of one dramatic incident experienced by several characters, each with their own unique take on what happened.
To accomplish this (and to stay within his crowd-funded $10,000 cash budget), MacLennan and co-producer Jessica Brown used only local, non-union actors. From the stars to the music, from locations to on-set catering, Noon Gun is truly the product of an eclectic and vibrant community, where antiquated politics and hip multiculturalism paradoxically reside.